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When I was 16 years old, a young lady came to my home town to become the first CEF Director. She came to my church and was introduced and even though she did not say anything when I heard Child Evangelism Fellowship I thought 'How interesting. I think I would like that!' As I was finishing High School, I was preparing to study medical technology in university, desiring to have a good job so I could support my sister who from age 7 knew God had called her to missions. God had other plans.

While at University, I began to seek God's will for me. I took a year off and went to Bible school where a chapel speaker introduced Child Evangelism Fellowship and its ministries. I knew without a doubt that God wanted me to enter this ministry.

After taking the 3-month Leadership Training Institute, I immediately began to serve with CEF in my home state, Colorado. Teacher Training then began to take up most of my time and in 1985 I became full-time staff at CEF International in the Education Department. However, after two years I was assigned to be the State director of New Mexico with the privilege of still teaching at the Institute and overseas.

In January 1992, my assignment changed once again as I became part of the Asia Pacific CEF Regional office. My goals are to see instructors of teachers developed in their countries and in time to see them helping other countries to do the same. There are 231 qualified Instructor of teachers in the Region and 136 Leadership Training Instructors.

Ms Jan Johnson
Regional Director of Education
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