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Palauí»s early history is still largely veiled in mystery. Why, or when people arrived on this beautiful islands is unknown, but studies shown todayí»s Palauans are distant relatives of the Malays of Indonesia, Melanesians of New Guinea and Polynesians. As for the date of their arrivals, carbondating of artifacts from the oldest known villages in the rock islands and the spectacular terraces on Babeldaob , civilization took place here as early as 1,000 BC. Palau was governed by Spain in 1885 along with the other Caroline islands and then sold to Germany in 1899. Then under the Japanese in WW I when Germany was defeated. After Japaní»s defeat in WW II, the Carolines,  Marianas and Marshal islands became UNí»s Trust Territories under US Administration with Palau as one of the six island districts. On October 1, 1994, Palau gained its independence upon the signing of the Compact Free Association with the United States.


20,796 (July 2009 estimate)

Land Area: 171 sq. miles /444 sq km.

Capital:  Melekeok

Official Languages: English and Palauan

Our Ministry: CEF Palau has just began officially in January 15, 2010 when we found the office space in Koror City. Closely located to an elementary school,  the office has also served Good News Club and like a childrení»s center after classes. The building was dedicated to God during CEF AP Regional Directorí»s visit to Palau on May 29, 2010. At the same time the first National Coordinator was commissioned before the church leaders of Palau. CEF Palau is becoming known to the evangelical churches as a pioneering work in the field of child evangelism. We also have started helping churches by training their people to evangelize children. Many pastors in Palau believe CEF would make a great impact on Palauí»s future generation.
Contact Info:

National Coordinator: Ms. Jo Dolor Maldangesang

J.M. Building, Ngerbodel, Koror State, Republic of Palau

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10081, Palau 96940

Telephone: (680) 488-12-24

Email: cefpalau@gmail.com

TNT Grouping: [ Solomon Islands,Vanuatu, Palau ]

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